I’m a rock climbing filmmaker and photographer, based in Sheffield, UK.

Praise for my film Stonnis (2015):

“A beautiful, passionate film… a reminder of the rarity of real drama in modern climbing films” Ian Parnell

“This film was all I love about rock and the climbers that love climbing on it” Johnny Dawes

“Really captures the essence of the experience” Jules Littlefair

“Never has Diff biffing been so slickly presented” Matt Thompson

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hello, I loved the Stonnis video. I have been telling people about it but it appears that it is no longer on the BMC TV website. Is it possible to stream or purchase elsewhere? thanks!


    1. Hi Rupert, I’m glad you liked Stonnis and I’m sorry not to have replied sooner… I’m planning to have Stonnis available to download soon but there are a few things I need to sort out first which are being held up by the unexpectedly epic task of editing my new film. Sorry for the wait, hopefully you’ll think it was worth it once the new film is done!



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