I’d never been to Cornwall before. In some ways Cornwall seems like Yorkshire- big, beautiful and populated with people who think it’s the best place on earth and don’t like to leave.

Bosigran Main CliffUnlike Yorkshire though, Cornwall is very far away from where I live, sparsely populated and enjoys better weather than than the rest of the country.

Bosigran Sea


A Cornish BMC meet provided a great opportunity to make a new start after the long and all-consuming experience of making Stonnis. I knew it would give me time (a lot of time) to clear my head on the drive down and the opportunity to meet new people in a new place. I also fancied doing some climbing without the distraction of the camera.


Bosigran Fulmars


Minutes after parking I headed down to the sea, pasty in hand, to solo Bosigran’s Commando Ridge. At the last belay I sat grinning, sure that I’d made the right choice. It felt like the start of a new chapter. The sky, the sea and the rocks were beautiful and I wished I hadn’t left my camera in the car.

Bosigran Ridge

I didn’t make the same mistake the next day and although the light wasn’t as good and I climbed for most of the day, I got to take some shots.

Xanadu 2

Xanadu 3

Like Yorkshire climbers, the Cornish think their county has the best climbing in the country, if not the whole world. I watched the line of Xanadu appear as Michaela and Sophie climbed, with my hands tingling from my own efforts on the golden crystalline granite, birds soaring through the Great Zawn and I realised why.

Xanadu 1

Xanadu 4

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